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We offer a full range of I.T. support services to keep your computer systems up & running in West, South Gippsland and Latrobe Valley areas.

                                     Mobile 0438 950 982

Email: ilan@isolvit.com.au

Fees & Charges

$75 per hour for work performed at your premises and $55 per hour when you bring your computer to us.

The call out fee is charged according to the travel distance. The call out fee is zero for distances of less than 20km from Mirboo North. For distances greater than 20km  and less than 120km the charge is $1 per kilometer (for the full distance). Use Google Maps to calculate distance from Mirboo North by clicking on the following:
Google Maps
and entering: "Mirboo North, Victoria to " and then add your address. For example Mirboo North to Traralgon is 47km so the call out charge will be $47.

For distances over 120km click on this link.

You also have the option of dropping off and picking up your computer from our premises. We charge a lower hourly rate of $55 and there is no other fee. We will also provide you with a quote.

Whenever a service requires the purchase of hardware or any other service we provide you with the original receipts. No mark up is charged on any third party goods and services. We only charge for the time it takes.

When appropriate we also offer phone support and remote session help. This is charged at the hourly rate with a minimum of quarter of an hour.

We are also available on short notice at any time to deal with your computer emergency. The call out fee and hourly rate is higher.

Please email or call us for full details of our fees. We will always ask you before we purchase any hardware or service to make you fully aware of the costs.

You will not end up with a huge unexpected bill from us.