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We offer a full range of I.T. support services to keep your computer systems up & running in West, South Gippsland and Latrobe Valley areas.

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Email: ilan@isolvit.com.au


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  • Computer won't start, or crashes regularly - we will find the problem & solve it.
  • Slow Computer - we clean your system so it runs fast again, and - if you think your computer is not as fast as it used to be, like your car it can be serviced!
  • Removal of Viruses, spyware and ad-ware – the full range of mal-ware - we use a range of tools and applications to thoroughly clear your computer. We can also advise and install various programs to keep you computer clear of mal-ware
  • Backups - We advise clients on back up strategies. We can run the back ups and / or show you how to do it yourself. We will also show you how to restore data
  • Data Recovery - for computers that are beyond repair we can remove the hard disk and recover you data. We can also recover deleted or damaged files and folders.
  • New Computers and Upgrades - both for desktops and laptops. We can advise you and give you a quote. Very competitive hardware prices, no mark-ups. Charges are all based on time required to do the work.
  • Networking - whether it is wireless or with cables we can help you connect computers to each other and to devices like printers, for both homes and offices, as well as extending the range of wireless networks.
  • VOIP Set Up - Ask us how you can make cheap calls using your regular phone handset (cordless & corded)
  • Internet set up - For those without current internet connection or looking for a faster service, we can find what your requirements are and see what services are available, based on your budget & needs & set it all up.
    Or if you have issues or concerns with your current service provider we can diagnose and fix your problems. 
  • Tuition & Training - We can train you on any aspect of computer use, whether you have never touched a computer before or to get full use out of your existing programs.  This includes: email program; Microsoft office suite of applications (such as word and PowerPoint); putting movies onto DVDs; editing photos and video, downloading photos and videos off camera; printing onto CD and DVD disks.
  • eBay Help - We can place old items on e-bay for sale, and / or - show you how to do this yourself, including creating a listing including how to upload photos and properly formatting a listing.
  • Programming - We can write inventory, order & accounting systems to suit your needs.
  • Transfer your old video tapes to DVD - We can do this for you, or provide a quote on the hardware required for this, and show you how to do it yourself.
  • Web Page set up and design - If your business or organization requires its own web site, we provide a complete service. We will quote all costs including domain name registration, web-hosting and initial set up for the web page design.
  • Customized Printing of CDs and DVDs - We can print your designs onto CDs and DVDs in bulk lots at very competitive rates