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We offer a full range of I.T. support services to keep your computer systems up & running in West, South Gippsland and Latrobe Valley areas.

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Email: ilan@isolvit.com.au

Internet Help and Set Up

For those without current internet connection or looking for a faster service, we can find what your requirements are and see what services are available, based on your budget & needs & set it all up. 

This includes individual computers both cable based (connected to the phone line), satellite service or wireless modem; and multiple computers (laptops and desktops) simultaneously connected either by cable or wirelessly.  We can also help with email set up. Both for your computer and web-mail access from anywhere.

If you are having issues with an existing internet connection we can diagnose problems to make sure it is running properly. We can make sure the telephone wiring is optimized and fitted with appropriate filters if needed. To make sure you are getting full value from your internet service provider we can analyse your usage patterns and find out if there is a better plan available for you.