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We offer a full range of I.T. support services to keep your computer systems up & running in West, South Gippsland and Latrobe Valley areas.

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Shop-A-Docket Offer
Terms and Conditions
$88 Virus and Spyware Removal
with Tune-Up and Clean Up.

This offer only applies to computers that can be switched on and load Windows and respond to both the mouse and keyboard. Computers that cannot be turned on, or fail to load Windows fully or will not respond to the mouse or the keyboard will be charges an extra $88, which can include a full re-installation of Windows if required (as described in the next paragraph)

However if the computer still runs but has been damaged to the extent that the virus/spyware has destroyed system files and settings that stop most normal operations we reserve the right to charge an extra $88 which includes:
• A full system back-up
• Re-installation of Microsoft Windows
• Re-installation of all required hardware drivers
• Re-installation of your software (software CDs supplied by client)
• Installation all required software updates
• Restoration of your programs and files from the back up.
Based on our experience most virus/spy-ware damaged computers can be fixed without re-installing Windows, but sometimes this is the only way to get a computer to work again.

This offer only applies to computers both desktops and laptops / notebooks / netbooks that run Microsoft Windows, either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

This offer does not apply to any Apple computer.

This offer applies within 50km of Mirboo North, Victoria. Use Google Maps to calculate distance from Mirboo North by clicking on the following:
Google Maps
and entering: "Mirboo North, Victoria to " and then add your address. Every kilometer greater than 50km incurs a $1 charge. So 60km from Mirboo North will be $10 extra.

Discounts are available if you are able to drop off and pick up the computer from us. The charge will be just $75. If the computer is unable to turn on or respond to mouse and keyboard, it will cost an extra $75 (same conditions as the first 2 paragraphs)

This offer only applies to one computer per household / address. Extra computers at the same location will incur a charge of $88, but less than that if only a clean-up and tune up is required.

If the problem turns out to require significantly more work we will ask your permission first before taking the computer to our premises to complete the job and then return it to you.